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Saturday, August 23, 2008


I made up a whole new batch of backgrounds for my blog in one of my photo shop programs for the coming months, or weeks as it is with me.

After all, I have all these photos to use up.
posted by David G. at 6:00 AM


Was this one of the recent repossessions? Perhaps we could redo it if the price is the looks of it...does it come haunted or does that cost more?

8/23/2008 7:02 PM  

I think haunted is a given by the looks of it.

8/25/2008 10:34 PM  

Oh good a haunted Bed and Breakfast...I'll "do" the "breakfast" part as I know you'll be sleeping in after a all-nighter on the computer...or something like

8/25/2008 10:37 PM  

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