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Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Post (blogger fell down, went boom)

I guess no post is better than a made up one. I did have a post about Ralph Vaughn Williams, but I couldn't verify some of the posted text, therefore I chose not to post it.

So instead, there is just an explanation as to why there is no post here.

So I guess this is a post in a way.

So anyway, this a humor post!!

...but you will notice HUMOR is spelled correctly, unlike some AMERICAN BLOGS WHO CAN'T SPELL. ..(Get with it James, and Mimi!!)

I mean there is no reason to spell something like another country spells it, when the Ab of C TWIT from that country can't even RESPECT this countries record of Justice for it's own and other peoples reasons.

.......of course we won't go into Tea wasting, but if You Are AMERICAN you should already know all of this, and if you don't...GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!
posted by David G. at 12:32 PM


ROFL. But that is so humourous, david. Really. (I prefer the Canadian spellings, too.)


9/02/2008 1:17 AM  

You better get that Amtrak ticket 1 way to Edmonton!!

9/02/2008 1:01 PM  

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