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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diary 1

I gotta get this shit out, because I fear, something really really BAD is gonna happen!!
I've felt it for the past 2 weeks, everything has been going great...(danger sign). Things don't go great for me very often, so it's a shock when I have repeated good luck!! And not being bedridden depressed is good luck!! LOL Okay, it's not that bad too often, maybe twice a month, at worst. 2 days at best. I cope. Barely.

I'm sorry I didn't kill myself those other attempted times!! Living through such things one would think a person would want to live that much Not I!!

Now it'll have to be a drastic thing, since I don't have a garage here, my preferred method of transmutation is unattainable. So,...I could rig up a system for my Caprice to do better than a garage,....or I could drive into the ocean at a high rate of speed...LMAO!!

Piers work better, but few and far between here in the Baker Act state!!

Y I K E S ! ! I'm lettin' it out, who gives a FUCKIN SHIT!! Better here than HOME!!
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