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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Future

My future is bleak at best. And that's okay. Because I'm not worth a shit. In the larger scope of things. I'm just a servant, born of a higher class, ...reduced to serving those ...I ... (well when I come up with something I'll tell you).

For my sins. of {Being Gay}

I'm not excluded from the will, if

....There's anything left!!

My Step-Mother, quite the spender!!

Though I can admit, to living mostly off inheritance ....There are many like myself.

Most call themselves Agnostic,...but I can tell U one thing,....

Oh Yikes,...GRANNY!!!!

I need a shotgun!

43% of them were cradle Episcopalians.
posted by David G. at 4:21 AM


Afternoon David,

Good to see you've been restored everyday observing of all the stuff that's going on around...I always like it when I see your messages appear even if you're not feeling so hot...your visuals are fantastic! Keep the faith..."nobody knows where the nose goes"*

*That's what my old friend Charles Benjamin used to say.

7/22/2008 6:38 PM  

David, I forgot to tell you something...when I was changing planes in Houston last week, I grabbed a book by Armistead Maupin entitled Michael Tolliver Lives...I'm not really a big fan of Maupin but I'm soooo far away from my early years in San Francisco I like to touch base with "it" through him...I'm not done with the book as I've been busy but there is a visit to a family member in Florida that made me think of the way you think about HowesFlorida...try and pick up a copy.

Have a great evening.


7/23/2008 9:49 PM  


Maupin has published again?? Wahoo!
(more of a fan than you)


David G.,

We need a post. It doesn't matter what it is.


7/24/2008 1:46 AM  

ooooh Stop!!


if I stopped posting for 8 consecutive days would you have my On Star checked?

7/24/2008 2:35 AM  

Since my car is a 91, I don't have On

Anyway, You got the point.

7/27/2008 5:16 AM  

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