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Friday, September 28, 2007

Anglican Tithes

Oops wrong vehicle (2006 Rolls Royce) . . .{but I bet Mad Priest would accept it as a gift, from a concerned}!!

The right vehicle for the coming season is above the Rolls Royce,...

My Baby, a 1970 Cadillac S&S Victoria Hearse, which I no longer own, . . .But I still post her all over the place, when she was in what I thought was pristine condition. . . (till I peeled back the padded vinyl roof) ...then sold her shortly

Now I just have a 1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, loaded with all options, including the third seat.
Also I own a 1975 Buick Estate Wagon loaded, with third seat. . . with a 1975 Electra Limited front clip. She's sweet.

Both have trailer package, and have never towed a trailer.
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