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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Driving Me Bonkers ! ! !

Oye, what a day, and it hasn't really even started yet, for me anyhow. Granny had an appointment today,....fine, I knew about it last week. I was told to take her to a friends house and then the friend would take Granny to the appt.

It didn't turn out that way.....Oh no, never where Granny is involved does anything turn out the way it should.
First of all she wakes me up at 11:00 am, the appointment was at 2:15 pm, and it is located about 17 miles from home. Here in central Florida, taking into account the God awful traffic situation, it should take 45 mins. to get there from here, with time to spare.
At this point...{mind you my eyes have been open for about 2 minutes}...she tells me we have to be at her friends house at 11:30 am...(her friend lives about 6 miles from us). So I literally drag myself out of bed, bitchin' all the way. . . trying to inform her that this wasn't Bewitched and we can't just snap our fingers and and appear were ever we want to . . .

Now at this point it may help to know that I had gone to bed at 6:30 am. I have always been a night person, for as far back as I can remember it was the night time that energized me. All the jobs I've had where second, or third shift jobs.... and Granny knows this!!

So I just throw on some clothes that were laying on a chair in my room, put on my flip-flops, grab the keys and we are on our way.....{well not quite, I left out the the parts about the walker, and Granny's ridiculously heavy purse....she weighs less than 110# and she needs a cane, and or walker...and ???? what's the freakin' barbell purse for}?

Anyway..... we start down 441, going north toward Belleview, about 2 miles into the trip she informs me that it is I who is actually driving to Ocala. . . .

I almost wrecked the car right then and there.....I slammed the brakes on and turned into the median crossover. . . bitchin' to beat all hell. . . .I proceeded back home, gnashing my teeth all the way and boiling over at this point, telling Granny that her way of doing things is unacceptable...(threatening not to take her to her beauty shop appt. on Friday).

Since I'm over it seems so inconsequential . . .but hopefully Granny has learned something...........Probably Not!!

Yea, I have a real short fuse when it comes to Granny, because for years she's been crafting behavior that was unacceptable when I was a kid, and is still unacceptable.

So now you see, why nobody else in the family wants to put up with her. . . .

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Is that pic of *you*, David?

10/01/2007 12:53 AM  

Yea, kinda crappy...though. It's hard to take pictures of yourself, when you have to guess what's in the viewfinder.

I look

10/02/2007 6:02 PM  

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