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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why Should I Care ?

There are NO historic districts in Detroit, ....No matter what you have heard!!

In fact, being in the demolition business in the Detroit area, is BOOMING!!

There is SO MUCH MONEY IN MICHIGAN, business leaders, financiers, Banking interests, REAL ESTATE$ $ $ $ , . . . Lake Michigan, Huron, Erie, Superior, ..... Paradise!!

So , . . . . . I don't think my HOME STATE is down and out, ...but they are hurting!!

My Dad is in the process of selling OUR FAMILY HERITAGE*, ... I've been kept out, because I still have family PRIDE!!

*(Cabin built by my Grandfather, my Great Uncle, my Grandmother, my Father, my Uncle, my Great Aunt)

I'm sick about it, ...

But there is nothing I can do about it. I don't have the funds to secure a tank full of gas, let alone a family cabin.

My family was torn apart when my Father married my step-mother. And it hasn't healed, and it never will.

It has made me emotionally sick, the point where I have shut down. . . and well of course I have my medication, which was a help for a long time, but lately I want to try other meds, ...none too orthodox!!

" C R Y S T A L "

The descriptions sound cool, ...but I know the side effects, living in Methworld!!

But still, just the escape factor,....

I guess if you have never been here, you wouldn't know!!

We should all care about our surroundings, after all we live in these areas!!

Detroit is DECIMATED, ...and no one gives a damn!!

Well I DO!!

and if writing on this blog helps Detroit in any way, I'll Thank God!!
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