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Friday, September 26, 2008


.....I'm so tired!!

Leave me the FUCK alone!!

Have you heard that before?!?

Chances are, your family member is distressed ...IGNORE THEM!!

They deserve what they have reaped!!

Strange Question....Who built the pipe organ that was located in City Methodist Church, ....Gary Indiana?
posted by David G. at 7:26 AM


"Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Gary Indiana." I don't know who built the pipe organ in Gary, Indiana, but the one that was recently installed in Trinity Wall Street is almost as good as the one that was recently installed here, but not quite. That makes up for the fact that the first rector of this parish joined in the building of St. Thomas Fifth Avenue, New York. And the fact that the first bishop of Kansas (not bad, at the moment), was a "boy" in this parish. And I was confirmed in the Diocese of Kansas. Go figure.

Trinity, Wallstreet and this parish church are both Upjohn buildings. And now we share organs (but ours is bigger and better...). Huzzah, hurrah, LOL!


9/27/2008 2:38 AM  


(giggles and calls the Bishop.)

9/29/2008 12:38 AM  

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