The Hearse Ride...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


posted by David G. at 10:51 PM


This is brilliant, David. Do you want to rehabilitate one of these? Would you like my help in doing so?

9/25/2008 12:06 AM  

These are just pictures I pick up all over the net, that strike a chord within me.

No my dream is to convert a church into a residence, and or residences, depending on the size.
I can't think of a better Great room than the nave of a church, pipe organ included.

9/25/2008 12:32 AM  

ok got it. thanks. beautiful dream. come to the dedicatory recital, despite the fact that there are no "pipes"? All I am doing is giving you refuge, david, and there is a room prepared for you (not by any means elegant, but it is a room with a bed).


9/25/2008 12:42 AM  

I have a house, thank you.

9/25/2008 4:09 AM  

This is who I am, Just tryin' to find my place in the world.....

9/26/2008 5:23 AM  

God Bless you Scott!!

(for dealing with everyday trash like 3/4 of us!!)

9/26/2008 5:25 AM  

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