The Hearse Ride...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Yikes, ...It's Loose!!

HOW DAAAAAAAAaaare YYYYyyyOU Mess with MY BOYS!!! . . . How Dare You!!!!

I'll Get you my (Iraqi, Iranian, Cuban & Venezuelan ) Pretty's!! I'll GiT CHOU trust me i'll git chou!!

....sometimes wonders if G.W. thinks,...{whatever happened to whitey, and chinky, and boy, and Yessir!!), and ...OOh, . . . . ..I remember, ...They became gafcon the so~called ang-licken beings.

Oops,..Sister is slippin'!!


Shuuuut Yooouuur Mouth!!, *YOU IiiiiiiDIOT!!!*(Bette Davis Diction.)

YOU STUPID BUMBLING FOOL!!!...(Bette and Joan diction mixed)...

...Joan plots and schemes.

Eventually dying in her own forgotten stardom.

Bette Lived on to recreate Disney children's classics.

Unfortunately, Bette was taken from us much sooner than she deserved.
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