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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Curtail Call

I was rather upset {to say the least} at the news of Father Jake's blog closing. I immediately {blamed myself}, for being such a Fuck Up when I get overly emotional about certain subjects, and people in general.

Now I dunno what I'll do, because I do have a rather intense personality, that seems to upset people, even though I try to explain myself....(obviously without success). I'll just have to find somewhere else to ingratiate myself, if it's worth it?

As Gloria Gaynor would say, I Will Survive!!

posted by David G. at 9:05 PM


Yikes!! I filled up Jake's place ...I'm too needy, for any interesting input.

No wonder I'm alone.

7/04/2008 10:19 AM  

I did that once (or twice). But you and I did it together last night, as I recall. So, you're not really alone.

I've blamed myself, too, David, but honestly, I don't think the distractions many of us family members gave Jake had much to do with his decision. His own explanation probably covers the reasons. I think that, like most of us, he'd rather be part of the healing than the polarization, and his blog had taken on a life of its own that was causing constant high-church food-fights.

He's headed off to Lambeth, so it's probably just a convenient time for him to re-invent himself. We'll see what he comes up with in September.

Meanwhile, (reprise) you're not really alone...


7/05/2008 2:20 AM  

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