The Hearse Ride...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tears For His Love ..For EVERYONE!!

The tears flood my cheeks when I think of Jesus Christ, ..but more often when I think of GOD,..and his never ending LOVE FOR ALL OF US, and the patience he has,..for our misgivings.

Lately I cry quite a bit, I dunno why, but afterwards, my focus on life is more in tuned.

I think the HEARSE is pullin' away from the curb!!
posted by David G. at 5:14 AM


Amen! David,

The love of the Lord is truly never ending. He's there for us no matter what.

Grace. (Still posting as anon. My darn password doesn't work again.)

It's almost gotten humorous. :)

6/29/2008 8:19 PM  

Christ Be With You Becky!!

7/04/2008 5:30 AM  

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