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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drowning in His Love

Everytime I breathe, I take you in; And my heart beats again,
Baby I,.....Can't help it; You keep me Drowning in your love,
Everytime I try to rise above; I'm swept away by Love
Baby I, .... Can't help it; You keep me Drowning your love ....

These are just lyrics to a Backstreet Boys song,...but it doesn't take much (imagination) to add them to hymn words.

Or should I say HIM words?

This song has been going on and on in my freakin' head for weeks...AAAAAAAAAGH!!

I hum it while working on my plants, ...say the words while feeding my cats , ...and if the radio is off in the car guess what song is going on in my head???

Okay, I hadn't heard this mix of the song,...but still.

I Hope it goes away soon, or I may take the words to Heart.
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