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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Meth Myth

I know the feeling of wanting to party at a meeting, and don't think I haven't a few times.
Dealing with my alcohol addicted family, I really don't think I'll ever hit a bottom.
Granny is weight obsessed even at 91. She shows true addictive (food) qualities with every sentance she utters. I deal with her in a strict way, since she told me her mother was very strict, I've conformed.
I drink about twice a week, usually late at night and alone. But I have many friends who call during my hours of drinking, which if they didn't live 2 blocks away, would cause drinking and driving probs.
Lately with Granny being so ...(sigh)...disruptive, I have been forced to drink more to deal with her behavior..well not literally, but it helps. I'd rather have 3 mixed drinks than Xanex or Valium, because they are twice as addictive. She gets up at all hours, and disrupts my REM sleep, more than I can stand.I know I'm on the edge lately ...I've contemplated trying meth, which a friend of mine says is an ultimate experience...I'm somewhate aprehensive, since I believed all the drug warnings, that simply aren't true.
NO you can't get addicted to meth by trying it once. It's a fact.
These Govt. drug people are idiots, and some people hearing that they talked BS posted it and get railed?!?

Makes one want to try it even more!!
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I have tried meth twice.

Meth gives you the worst hangover of any drug I have tried. Coke and regular amphetamines don't come close to the meth hangover. The problem is that it takes FOREVER for the substance to wear off. You'll be real high for a day, then you feel like shit for 3 days. And it is not just "feeling like shit" it is feeling totally insane. I am sure you have heard scary stories about bad LSD trips... well I'd take a 100 bad trips over another meth binge hangover. A bad trip is simply a thought process that you can actually learn from. A meth hangover is PHYSICALLY HARMFUL, TOXIC and makes you feel TRULY insane and hate yourself for no good reason

Seriously, meth is not the ultimate experience. LSD, mushrooms are the ultimate experiences and they have no hangover or withdrawal (because they don't deplete your serotonin and dopamine and they are NON TOXIC) and you can actually benefit from them spiritually. I've done it...

The general rule about practical drug use is to stay away from narcotics, alcohol and cigarettes.
And if you must use anything, stick with psychedelics. Just treat them with respect and you'll be fine... it's not about "getting fucked up" or "escaping reality" it's about enjoying life and seeing the archetypal meaning behind things (which is why they are useful).
If any of this seems like too much then you don't need to use ANY drug.

I hope this helps

5/28/2008 6:55 PM  

O M G, I seldom read my old posts, only through my meter. I'm so GLAD I read it tonight, I'm so on the brink!!

I'm So ready to say FUCK MY WHOLE FAMILY!!
(which is a big thing if you know me.)
I'm So exhausted with LIFE (as it is)!!

and so sad that I hate how I feel and react to everything.

5/31/2008 7:36 AM  

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