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Monday, March 03, 2008

An Episcopal/Anglican Decision

Being a newborn, I had no choice of my religious upbringing. I was born into an upper middle class family with strong ties to the Episcopal Church U.S.A., The Church of Scotland, and the Church of England. I have strong ties to family still living in England, Germany, and Wales. I also have quite an assortment of family living in the good Ol' U.S. of A.

When Family Reunion time rolls around, I get scared...and Usually don't attend, mainly because it's held 1200 miles away, and trying to transport a 91 year old woman with bladder probs can be exasperating, (that's a nice term) for it . . .lol.

I've literally let my car basically run into the ground to avoid such trips. . . lol.

But she's getting to be the Oldest one in the family, so eventually someone will spring for air fare!!
Even though she can well afford air fare . . .

But living with her, I could write a book!!

. . . . . S C R E A M S

If I wasn't terminally depressed, I probably would.
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