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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Druggie Thieves !!

I'm so tired of thieves.
Seems like everytime I go out, something of value is missing, even if I left it in the car. Though I know who's been doing it, he just thinks he's getting away with something.

We* know better.

*(We meaning a group of friends who hang out with the same person who have something in common). . .missing goods!!

I'm not one to call the cops, because I know the I tend to use street law.

Area Law. Like, well you would know if you have ever been there.

He's such a fat-fuck!!

He shames Fatty Arbuckle.

Yet he's a fuckin' thief!!

Unlike Fatty Arbuckle, who gave like a sieve, and the Barrymore's who backed him up!!

So much for the Barrymore Legacy, . . . No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, be it personal, or human is perfect, no matter how OCD you are.
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