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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big Bootay - Ex-Bishop John-David Schofield at work

Now I seldom use other peoples work here. Occasionally, if it's a historical fact I will use other articles here with full recognition.

Well I believe this is historical, because it pertains to my religion, so here goes....

These are facts coming out of the Diocese of San Joaquin, ....Part of The Episcopal Church U.S.A.

This in an update on St. Nicholas, Atwater. The following e-mail was received on Christmas morning:
Dear Jo and Deacon Buck,
The attached document is the letter notifying Fr. Risard that his
deployment at St. Nicholas is now over. We wish you to know that the
Bishop and the Diocese are fully behind the continuation of your church in
Atwater and will do all that we are able to support you during this

There are many details to take care of, and many questions which you
probably have for the Bishop or me.
The most important Directions from the Bishop to accomplish immediately

Change the exterior locks immediately, including the interior lock to the
priest's offices and any file cabinets.
Retrieve the bank statements of any accounts that Fr. Risard had signature
authority to: the discretionary account, and any other accounts.
Notify me of any minutes from past Bishop's Committee meetings for the
past three months and forward them to me. This is especially important if
there are commitments made to Mr. Michael Glass, an attorney referenced in
the letter of Fr. Risard to the Bishop.

We will assume that the Deacon will be able to lead worship for a short
period of time, especially this next Sunday. Reserved sacrament will be
provided by the Rural Dean, Fr. Ron Parry, or by me if necessary.

Our prayers are with you during this time of transition.

Yours faithfully,
The Rev. Canon Bill Gandenberger

Fr. Fred has removed himself from the church building, but is reorganizing the mission to meet in another location. This will match what is happening in Turlock, Bakersfield, and other places. We who are loyal to the Episcopal Church will continue to support Fr. Fred and his congregation.
Mark Hall | 12.27.07 - 1:36 am |

This was posted on another blog: Father Jake Stops the World , of which there is a link in my sidebar.

This EVILNESS cannot be tolerated within any organized far as I'm concerned.
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