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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hard Drive Upgrades

I didn't get anything for usual. But I am purchasing a new hard drive for my PC, as I've about used up it's 60GB, mostly on music storage. I'm thinking maybe 1TB, but if not that at least 360GB.

Now I don't know if I want an internal or external hard drive, though I'm thinking internal will be faster. I had thought about burning all my music files to DVD, then wiping the hard drive clean, but then if I wanted to burn or remix I'd have to find everything, and I'm not into pain in the ass computing. I rather enjoy speedy computing, though my PC is usually on all the time...I don't keep my LAC on, I don't trust an always on connection...never know what back door files may have been inadvertently downloaded...though I do trust my McAfee, better to be safe than sorry.
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