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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have a certain list of blogs that I read everytime I'm on the PC. They are filed under EPISCOPAL Blogs, as opposed to just Blogs, which is an impressive list. But I got tired of locating the blogs I prefer to read, so I opened a new list.
Now not all of these blogs are Episcopal, but they seem to fit into that category, because several Episcopalians follow these certain blogs.
This blog, may or may not be Episcopalian, since I'm not really a HARD LINE church goer, in fact it's been years!! But I do attend church when I am not in Florida. That doesn't say much for my local churches ... as it's supposed to. Bishop Howe, what's more to say....?

I'm not church material anyway, I don't own a suit .... in fact the last time I wore a suit was at my Senior Prom in 1982.
But you don't need a suit to play the organ, thank God,.... because you wear a robe,..and you could be naked for all the parishioners!!
The last time I was in church was at my Uncle Tom's funeral in 1996, (last time I worshiped in a church), .... and lets see, it's 2009 now.
Probably not!! (playing an organ or piano isn't worshiping!)
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