The Hearse Ride...

Friday, May 22, 2009


I started to search for a new picture for my desktop, ..... and hit some blog that I didn't save, but will still be in my History files if I want to reference it....that had pictures of rehabbed, past and present St.Louis,... of course I spent 2 and a half hours checking out the pics,..and of course reading the descriptions. If my life had gone the way I would have liked it to, I would have been an architect.

I still draw up house plans every now and then ...but it's not often,...I seemed to have lost most of my passions, ...other than music.

But that was my main driver to create houses,..well my own Mansion at least ....

Big enough to house a pipe organ, of large ranking!!

Well, it's just a dream!!

(oh and the Title is dedicated to Larry, . . . . {what U think doesn't matter} . . . anybody with integrity would check out those effected by a suicide)!!

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