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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Case of the Exploding Glass Cutting Board

{Not Actual Pictures, used for example}

Early this morning, at about 2:57-AM, I was in the kitchen to get a glass of ice water, and placed a plastic tumbler on a tempered glass cutting board that was on the top of my stove, next to the fridge. About 2:59-AM, I walked across the room to a nearby hallway, and heard this explosion of glass, I assumed it was a critter outside rummaging around, and looked but saw nothing out of place. I walked into the kitchen, and there was glass everywhere, on the floor, counters, and the stove. The cutting board had exploded and it was still crackling and popping. I looked for what could have possibly fell on it, ....(nothing).

So I looked it up on Google, and sure as shit it is a known phenomena, and lately has been happening all too frequently with tempered glass products made in foreign countries such as China and Taiwan. Tempered glass tabletops (such as those on outdoor furniture) have been know to spontaneously explode without any help from others.

Knowing this, I've decided NOT to buy another tempered glass cutting board (or tempered glass products), ..I'll stick to wood from now on.
posted by David G. at 2:43 PM


Yeah, wood, as well you should have done anyway.


3/19/2009 10:51 PM  

Glass looked so chic!!

You know those glass top stoves will eventually do the same thing,...hopefully with no body nearby!!

3/19/2009 11:57 PM  

Listening to Peter Luts & Dominico,...WHAT A FEELING!!

3/20/2009 4:28 AM  

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