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Friday, February 06, 2009

JC to LS

I'm a sad fag, I know!!

Can't help it.

I want a man, (who wants me) so much,...Ya'll just don't know!!

I just want LOVE.
posted by David G. at 6:00 AM


Of course we know...or at least, I know. When I was 35 I wanted to kill myself, really. I was drunk and couldn´t sleep...I was soooo lonely and empty feeling and was rolling around in bed...I went downstairs to drink some more so I could pass out...I knew that the kind of person that I wanted to LOVE wouldn´t want me...I was a mess (no matter how hard I tried to not let anyone else in on my secret)...I needed to grab hold of that flickering memory of the best part of me...a little flame that wasn´t quite dead...I prayed my butt off to ¨take this away from me¨ (this time a meant it)...and I went to sleep. I needed help because I knew me and I knew I would drink again (after I started feeling better)...I went to AA...they have it online you fact there is a new group it´s a support group more than a official AA group...if you think you´ve got a problem with alcohol (that is damaging to your self esteem and your hopes for a emotionally richer life) you can find people like you...anyway, that´s what happened to me...after a year or so the SKY WAS RAINING MEN!


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