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Friday, August 08, 2008

Musical Sunshine

My Chickering is calling for me to tickle her keys,...I lifted her lid to full mast She's been neglected as of late, ...Granny says she loves when I play, but there is always trouble later!

My Roland/Casio combination gets played often. I play with headphones on, but it is certainly NOT the same!! Unfortunately, the Chickering will only fit in the living room, so playing it limits me, ..(Granny never leaves the living room other than to shit & piss, oh and snacks,..which are every 5 minutes).

WHY oh WHY?!?


I think using family became an art form in the 70's!!

posted by David G. at 5:12 AM


What kind of trouble? You not playing your Chickering is like me not taking my Vuillaume out of the box. I'm intrigued, and would love to hear you play. Me, I'll stick to my Story and Clark upright console (the violin is much too stale now) until the next time I get to play on the concert grand in my two-piano-four-hand buddy's place (earlier today we played; helps a lot!).

8/09/2008 12:03 AM  

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