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Saturday, April 19, 2008

...Oops A Post!!

I didn't want to post again, but the manic side just won't STOP!!

I'm an occasional Episcopalian, but well equipped to fund (monetarily and faithfully) any attack against The Church I was raised in and continue to support through prayer and Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, ...who incidentally was no Saint himself.....till well after his death!!

But then again ..who's to Judge . . . . . . Oh that's right!!

The Global South!!

G. S. G= Global S= Satan

And from the HATE/RHETORIC from NIGERIA,. . . . one's not SUPRISED!!

Bishop...(soon to be retired) Akinola, may cost Nigeria more money than it's willing to spend, on his security. Big Mouths, pay dearly, in Africa!!

I don't live there, but know many people who do.

Bishop Akinola is trying to emigrate to Canada or the U.S. ....and will emigrate to South America if not able to secure residency in the U.S. or Canada.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And if All Else Fails ~ ~ ~ He'll become a Floating Bishop!!

Hmmmm!! Wonder How Expensive THAT will be??!??!?

Oh these CANA Parishes are rich, and can well afford to care for their Prophet!!
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