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Sunday, March 30, 2008


This past week has been hell for me. What with my Father moving to Florida, Granny starting arguments, and me having to deal with the urinary tract infection from Hell. Granny knows I don't feel good, but she still thinks it's okay to piss me off.


This infection has traveled every path of my male urinary and reproductive systems, and I'm finally getting some relief at the end if the week, after taking antibiotics and drinking enough water to float a 45' yacht.
If that wasn't bad enough, I get a phone call this morning from my best friend, and she's in jail. She wants me to put my property up for collateral so she can get bonded out. Now normally I wouldn't even consider it, but she's been a Godsend to me over the years trying to deal with Granny, and my own personality disorders that I feel obligated to her. So I'll bring the subject up to Granny, but I dunno. I suspect she'll say no.
Mind you the property is in my name and also Granny's, if I wanted to, I could do it behind her back. Which isn't something I would do, but one never knows what one might do in trying circumstances.

And add to that my Father is moving to Florida perminantly, and is supposed to be here later this afternoon, from upper NY state. And that is another story in itself...a looooong story with major twist and turns.

I hope this infection leaves me soon, cause I need a drink desperately!!
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