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Sunday, April 27, 2008

God's Perfection

I loved you Jeffrey, though I never told you. I actually was concerned for your wellbeing when Jessica informed me ...(after asking her repeated times) were looking at Prison time.

I came into you're life ....{though you had known about me) , the neighborhood fag.

At least someone was out!! ...LOL!!

I met you through Jessica when you were 15, 16 maybe. The Gay in me was attracted to you immediately, but the common sense took over after you robbed Jessica repeatedly!!

I was just getting to know the REAL JEFFREY VAN SANT when you left this existence.

I Miss You So Much, Jeffery!! . . . . . .{Your Dad says that all the time...}

Feelings don't accomplish much, Action Does!!

I post this for Jeffrey's Family to read, and learn. I write from spiritual engagements with those who connect with me. I connected with Jeffrey long before his earthly death. And I still channel his feelings.

They are disrupting . . .occasionally, when I think of Jeffrey's early death.

But it could have been me . . . I love to drive fast and have fun at the moment. I beat my Caprice when I'm drunk sometimes,......

I Miss You Jeffrey!!

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