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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Rained so now the GFI circuit has blown...AGAIN!!

Every time the wind blows and it rains at the same time, the GFI circuit in the bathroom trips, and that circuit works for both bathrooms. Well that is all well and good if there is truly a short circuit, which there isn't.

It wouldn't be such a problem because I don't need a light in the Master bath (window), but the hall bath has no window, so there is no light in there without power, which is a pain in the ass when you just wake up....searching for a flashlight.

The main cause for the circuit being interrupted, is an outside plug receptacle that is cracked and on that same circuit. Mind you, I don't use that receptacle ... but a so-called handy man Granny used to employ decided to electrify the outdoor storage unit by adding just a plug to the end of the 110 line and plugging it into the outdoor receptacle?!?!?!?
Soooo, everytime it rains the GFI trips because he was too LAZY to wire it to an available outdoor circuit box. (you know where this is going)
So I guess I'll have to wire it up correctly ... one of these days when I get sick and tired of dealing with no electricity in my baths.

Procrastination time!!!

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