The Hearse Ride...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

H A T E ! !

"Hey kyke, it's reeeeal funny to call people names isn't it shithole? laughing at handicapped children makes you feel like a big man jew-boy? hitler should have burned your grandparents first--after all, that was just his peculiar idea of "humor." you're not even a pathetic excuse for a cretin, just a fucking bonehead who feels like such an asshole he has to laugh at "tards". "real life special education teacher" shithead, if I heard you calling anyone a tard I'd fucking rip off your head and shit down your neck. get a life you sophomoric jackass. And those slimebag whore cunts who won't even give their real names--shove this up that dick hole you freaking shriveled up alcoholic goat-holes. Like God made you perfect. Eat shit and die."



(From a site finding humor in the Developmentally Disabled.)
posted by David G. at 7:58 AM


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